Wasted: stoned, also sometimes used for other intoxicants
Dude, that guy cant even function, he's comletely ripped
by Speedr September 15, 2003
extremely drunk
We went out drinking and I got ripped!
by yo mama September 15, 2003
Very drunk or otherwise under the influence.
properly wankered.

synonyms include

Balck 'n' Deckered

Any swear word or tool with -ed added on the end.

I was badly ripped.
He was ripped to the tits.
by GOD September 14, 2003
a girl that fucks every day
damn that hoe is ripped
by christian guzman April 09, 2008
To be proven wrong, in a sense or embarrassment or not; to be so sure that you're right and everyone else is wrong, and it turns out you're wrong.
Person 1: The space landing is a myth.
Person 2: No it's not you dumbass, why do you think they have NASA, a whole organisation dedicated to astronautics.
Person 1: Shut up, it's a fake.
Person 2: *Gives loads of evidence to prove it's real*
Teacher: Yeah, it's real.
Head of NASA: It's not made up, ya' stupid kid.

Person 1:.... Ripped.
by Lloydo March 04, 2007
alcohol intoxication characterized by fun, eratic and/or wild behavior
dude.......we're soooo ripped!
I was so ripped that I fell off that big bitch!
by mike September 16, 2003
When someone has be done badly, or when something has been wrong.
the shortened term of - ripped-off
You got ripped.
That was ripped.
by Tim September 15, 2003

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