stolen or taken from a video, disc or other form of material, usually associated with piracy
ive got a dvd rip of that film
by rageohol September 11, 2003
really muscular
damn, that guy is ripped
by sk September 08, 2003
to tear apart
Sh!t, I ripped my pants
by no-name September 08, 2003
Used by girls often when they see a man with large muscles
That mans ripped
by Ferret June 28, 2003
one sip too many for the road
Billy got ripped last night
by hot diggity October 04, 2002
Ridiculously hungover from the night before.
I drove back to my parents' house for Christmas, totally ripped from the night before.
by anonyyym January 11, 2009
To have something stolen or to steal.
somebody ripped my iPod when I wasn't looking
by Philip Ryan March 13, 2006

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