Muscular; someone with a six-pack stomach; A body-builder.
Dude, Arnold S is ripped.
by ManWithTheGoldenPun September 15, 2003
(A person with) extremely large and well defined muscles.
Man, that guy is ripped.
by ml September 15, 2003
to tear, by accident also a name for farting,
shit i ripped my shirt on that nail,
or to fart " fuck i ripped one out then" violent fart that could rip your boxer shorts/sphincter
by zabba September 15, 2003
sculpted,cut muscles
da dude is ripped he got da ill six pack and everythin
by keynah September 11, 2003
The state of having consumed waaaaay too much alcohol
I went to the Klinic last night and got so ripped, I woke up in the morning in a yard on Mills street covered in my own puke.
by Wisconsin alumni September 11, 2003
stolen or taken from a video, disc or other form of material, usually associated with piracy
ive got a dvd rip of that film
by rageohol September 11, 2003
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