a word used to describe somehow who has a lot of muscle and is very fit
Man look at that guy! He is ripped!
by Benkei September 19, 2003
what happens after gay guys have sex
ah man i passed out at the party last night and my ass was all ripped up
by Robbie ah ooh ooh! September 18, 2003
extremely drunk
I was so ripped at the club last night.
by Leslie September 17, 2003
To be very well muscled; built out to the point that it looks as though something may rip.
"I was at the gym yesterday and the guy next to me was seriously ripped!"
by Smart E. Pants September 16, 2003
high as fuck
Oh shit im so ripped
by u kno who September 16, 2003
an exceptionally well defined physique; characterized by well defined muscles and minimal body fat; appears in good health
Dang...LL Cool J is ripped!
by VJai007 September 15, 2003
nice abs, nice body
Look at that guy! He is ripped!
by Catz September 15, 2003

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