someone who doesnt have scars on their somach and has lots of cool mucles
ryan is not ripped because of his scars on his stomach...what a dick
by garethra July 10, 2008
Ripped is when someone plays you or make you feel dumb and you dont have nothing to say in return
T:"You dirty as shit"
G: "Get the fuck outta here"
T: "Not when i fucked yo moms last night"
Crowd: Oh shit son!....he ripped your life
by Newark Trick July 12, 2005
When some one has been insulted bad this definition is also used
Man1:Your a F** up *** ***
Man2:wat the..?

Man3:(watching the two)you've just been ripped mate(speekin to Man2)
by andre.. February 23, 2005
to make a fart that smells lik...gross stuff
dude, johnny just ripped one and it smells lik s$%#!!
by coolness August 02, 2004
One, particularly a male, that is well-muscled, generally in the abdominal region.
by Zolich September 21, 2003
(1) Tearing an object
(2) A man or woman with an unusual amount of body muscle
(3) A term used in the music idustry
(1) "Oops, I ripped it."
(2) "damn that bitch is ripped!"
(3) "DJ, rip that shit! (the DJ ripped the shit(meaning beat))"
by MA$E September 20, 2003
1) used to describe someone with big muscles

2) copied off of
1) Man, I am ripped!

2) Hey! They ripped that song off of my flash movie!
by zfrctgy September 20, 2003

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