Too drunk to function, state reached in short amount of time.
Holy shit, Caleb chugged a 40 and was ripped off his ass.
by stihlman September 10, 2003
Very muscular, works out often, attractice.
Man, you see his abs? He's ripped!
by LeAnne Christoffel September 10, 2003
1) to have large muscles; or to allude to having them, regardless of the truth
2) to be taken advantage of in a business dealing (a shortened form of ripped off)
3) to extract music from a CD to a computer
1) Check it out! (flex) I'm ripped!
2) Dude, we got totally ripped.
3) Check out this MP3 I ripped!
by nobody really September 08, 2003
possessing little body fat so that the muscles *clearly* stand out and are well defined. A bodybuilding term.
Dude, that bodybuilder is ripped! If you want to get ripped, you should read those Clarence Bass books.
by jaklumen September 05, 2003
do take a fairly large shit, or to lat an impressive bowel movement.
dude i just shit, and i think i ripped.

Oh man I ripped one and i dont think anyone will live to tell about it.
by Nooch September 05, 2003
could mean either:
1. very muscular
2. very stoned (under the influence of marijuana)
1. "hey look at that guy's body! he's ripped!
2. "we got sooo ripped last night!"
by Disgruntled Goat September 04, 2003
To slash a person with a knife or other cutting implament, causing a gash or wound
"HO YOU!..... aye you! You'r gettin' ripped wen ure daen yer paper run in pennilee!
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
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