could mean either:
1. very muscular
2. very stoned (under the influence of marijuana)
1. "hey look at that guy's body! he's ripped!
2. "we got sooo ripped last night!"
by Disgruntled Goat September 04, 2003
To slash a person with a knife or other cutting implament, causing a gash or wound
"HO YOU!..... aye you! You'r gettin' ripped wen ure daen yer paper run in pennilee!
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
Very stoned
Wow, you look ripped.
by melritz June 24, 2009
when you take a big ol hit of marijuana and you start coughing your ass off
holy shit you just ripped yourself
by frontyouanounze420 July 26, 2008
someone who doesnt have scars on their somach and has lots of cool mucles
ryan is not ripped because of his scars on his stomach...what a dick
by garethra July 10, 2008
To get punked. To be made fun of.
Rippee: "So, I was playing this game and.."
Ripper: "What?"
Rippee: "I was --"
Ripper: "NAHHHH, SON!!! You've just been ripped!"
by a.tor August 07, 2006
Ripped is when someone plays you or make you feel dumb and you dont have nothing to say in return
T:"You dirty as shit"
G: "Get the fuck outta here"
T: "Not when i fucked yo moms last night"
Crowd: Oh shit son!....he ripped your life
by Newark Trick July 12, 2005

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