very muscular
person 1: hey check that guy out
Person 2: whoa he's so ripped
by fo shizzle mah sizzle September 15, 2003
A guy who is well built and muscular.
Check out Eric's 6-pack! Man that dudes ripped!
by SaraDRO September 15, 2003
cut up as with abs and overall musculature
His stomach and arms were ripped from years of ballin'.
by Kisha September 15, 2003
Stoned beyond comprehension.
Is that another joint? I was ripped after the second one.
by Raw Doggie September 15, 2003
when you work out all the time.
DAMN! That girl's ass is ripped.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
Stoned, high, torn
Dude i'm ripped!
by T. Manning XXVI September 15, 2003
after you smoke, this is what you are
im fuckin ripped man, that blunt was SO good
by heathen September 14, 2003

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