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v. To forcefully fart, usu. loudly
'Dude, did you just rip ass?'
by G M$ney October 15, 2003
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to pass gas from ones ass
eew man somthing smells rank. did you just rip ass!
by jess April 29, 2003
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to fart so bad, u can actually feel the ripping of your colon shredding away. can also mean a really loud fat.
"holy crap" (fart)

"dude that was some major rip ass"
by ♣ACES HIGH♣ June 15, 2009
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Verb description: to secrete methane gas from the anal cavity in large enough portions to tear the ass hole.
"Oh man, I've had the worst gas all morning, I think I might rip ass."
by Taylor and Trevor April 20, 2008
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What the fat kid in the back row does when he passes colon air through his anus in the middle of class.
Holy shit! Did Rob just rip ass?
by JP May 08, 2004
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when one farts and everyone can hear it
Carter (farts)

keagan- Dude did you just rip ass?
by The Prophet Of Ezekiel April 23, 2012
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To develop an anal fissure, usually as a result of eating spicy food
Ah man, this Mexicana is really good... but I'ma rip ass tomorrow when it comes out...
by Whicked Sushi April 23, 2004
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