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When you are wiping your ass and your finger suddenly pokes through the toilet paper into your poopy arse. Most often occurs with cheap, single ply tickets in public restrooms.
Oh no! finger has a brown smelly swimming cap from a vicious rip 'n' dip!!

If you cant see the poop...smelling your finger is the only way to know if you were the victim of a rip 'n' dip
by Lunicus December 03, 2011
you have sex with a girl then you leave. you rip and then dip.
Damn that girl is rip n' dip, im gonna take her home tonight.
by jamal February 12, 2005
rip n dipping is an action that can be broken into two steps:
1. the action Riping: of doing something gnarly/hella stella


2. dipping before indury, death, rape, STD's, getting busted by security or the po9

It is common to throw your horns \m/ (pointer and pinky finger raise up while thumb and other fingers remain down) before,during, and after the process for good luck and good ripndipper style
1.Mitch: I'm going to rip n' dip this rail before security comes

2. poppin gainers of the CN tower into a pool of horny/hungry sharks with laser beams and STD's and dipping the pool before being attacked and/or raped by the sharks
by Snikazz January 12, 2011
skating in large cities with homies and spots where there is security, cops etc, and getting tricks and diping before you get ticketed, tackled, taser etc.
" yo i got mad tricks down at this spot"

other friend:"how man that shit has been blown up for years" first dude:"I guess you need to learn how to Rip N Dip
by ckillla July 22, 2010
When you smoke weed ("rip") and then leave to go somewhere else ("dip")
"I can't believe that she rip n dipped on us"
by Kennkennn October 15, 2015
when you are wiping your butt and the toilet paper rips and your fingers get a dip in the poop.
I was in panama and the cheap toilet paper kept ripping and my fingers kept getting dipped in my poop so I kept getting Rip n Dip.
by YarBoogie February 22, 2011
Rip n' Dip - The act of stealing a females virginity, while being in a relationship with her then braking up with her afterwards.
Leaving the girl emotional scarred, sometimes heart broken.
Often earning you a bad rep with the ladys.
Frank- "Man, i dunno im not liking Jessica's attitude. I think im going to brake up with her."

Edward - "Bro, just Rip n' Dip , get some pussy THEN brake up with her."
by BeaTMasta September 07, 2011
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