League of Legends is developed by this pansy ass company. That is known for its highly acclaimed champion pool. Riot, however serves only as a platform for those who have the money to spend and buy new champions. Or those who have kept up long enough to afford champions(, and sometimes runes) in a timely manner. Riot can never fully deliver a true game due to new champions always being out of control for a time being. Thats how riot is actually a pansy ass gaming company, due to the fact never ceasing to debuff champions because it Gayly replies back to you in a lisp. "Kindred's ult was so a year ago. Haha! W\e get dunked on noob." Ect.

It has, (sadly) the largest audience of gaming members of time. And has been, (even more sadly) around longer than most online games with exception to some of blizzards games.
P1: What's that company called that makes League?

P2: Riot, the most absurd company of all time. Which reaped profits off a Warcraft map mode...aka DotA.
by Notelba April 16, 2017
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An alliance of gamers, found in multiple games, the original RIOT alliance was founded in 2008, and the alliance continues to be carried on from game to game.

The core members remain the same and are known for being highly aggressive and relentless fighters. The alliance is known to be fair in partnerships with other alliances and clans but also known to be relentless in the elimination of any group that betrays their trust.
The original RIOT alliance has a theme song and graphics consistent game to game, with the same leaders, and is often imitated but never duplicated.

The origin of the alliance name derived from the definition of the word Riot; causing mayhem and disorder in their enemies being the mission of the group in whatever gaming environment they play in.
The RIOT players are RelentlessGamers, who create an Alliance on every game they play.
by PitViper August 09, 2013
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raging river with a cross, rio spanish for river, little t=a cross
The Lord is a flowingu almighty riot and very funny!
by Marc Edenfield September 29, 2007
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