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An easy way to gather the socially retarded public and make easy arrests.


An easy way to gather the socially retarded public for execution.
We should let all these retards "riot" then kill them once they all have all gathered at Allied Carpets.
by mjd6288 August 09, 2011
raging river with a cross, rio spanish for river, little t=a cross
The Lord is a flowingu almighty riot and very funny!
by Marc Edenfield September 29, 2007
One way to steal what you need without needing to worry about getting caught, since the police are usually too busy beating up the rioters to care.
I got this flatscreen TV, stereo bass system, state-of-the-art computer, and 7-piece furniture set. All from last night's football riot.
by AYB June 19, 2003
the name of the paramore cd released in 2007
used by paramore/fueled by ramen fans , normally part of their myspace name
laura riot:OMFG! did you see haley williams hair last night at the metro?
guy friend:fer sure , shes so hot!
by i am not your mother luke February 10, 2008
One of the band Paramore's CDs. The CD contains the songs 1. For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, 2. That's What You Get, 3. Hallelujah, 4. Misery Business, 5. When It Rains, 6. Let The Flames Begin, 7. Miracle, 8. crushcrushcrush, 9. We Are Broken, 10. Fences, and lastly 11. Born For This.
Hey dude, I bought Paramore's Riot CD at Hot Topic the other day!!
by Shimblecrook December 28, 2008
What Boston Red Sox fans did in 2004 after beating the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series.
What New York Yankees fans have never done, victory or defeat.
by AflacJack May 22, 2005
To hump a pole vigorously.
She wants a riot, she wants a riot.

Enough said.
by Anonymous April 20, 2003