Stinging sensation around the arsehole caused by fingering of the anus or been drybummed.
Si, I got serious ringsting from what you did to my arse last night
by Dan Bates December 19, 2007
the asshole hurting after anal sex
My girlfriend told me she got ring sting the other day after that drink fuelled sex night!
by pallant25 October 06, 2007
The discomfort caused when one's fecal discharge is too large for the anal sphincter; the experience of one's anal sphincter being painfully stretched by a particularly large fecal discharge.
Man, I shouldn't have eaten 5 pounds of food last night. I just took a dump and had some serious ring sting.
by Alex French November 13, 2003
A sore anal passage.

Cause of ring sting :

1.) Eating too many hot food(s)
2.) Eating too many pickles
3.) Anal with a black man
Example 1.

You: I shouldn't have ate so many chillies Now I have serious ring sting.

Buddy: Haha

Example 2.

You: I shouldn't have ate so many pickles. Now I have serious ring sting.

Buddy: Haha

Example 3.

You: Oh, thats a big number.

Black man: Yeah baby

You: Ouch, Its too big now I have ring sting in my anal passage.

by The Bold Yin September 21, 2008
when you take a poop, do an OK job of wiping...walk into a beer cooler and then walk out to an 80 degree day. The dramatic change in the tempeture mixed with the lack of butt whipage causes ring sting.
Man I got some serious ring sting now. It feels like I have been whiping my butt with 80 grit sand paper.
by HITorDIE May 19, 2007
After A Female/Male has sex doggy style the one that has been fucked up the arse's arse gets hurt and stings, that is why they call it RING sting.
Dude 1#-Oh man i just got fucked up the arse and my arse hurts like shit!
Dude 2#-Huh, you must have ring sting then, your fault for being a fucking gay man.
by Hector3453 December 25, 2007
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