my signature move, after i'm done having sex, i throw take off my condom and throw it against the wall, trying to make it stick.
me: i hooked up with that girl last night
dude: was she good?
me: not really, but i nailed the ring toss
dude: awesome!
by Tex McAlister October 07, 2005
Top Definition
When having sex with a girl who uses the nuvaring for pregnancy prevention. You start really digging in and the ring slips on to your cock. Either loosely or real tight like a cockring.
"I completed the ring toss last night. So when I left, I took some of her stuffed animals home."
by DnonameworksD May 30, 2007
When a girl has huge nipples. It looks like you can play the popular carnival game "Ring Toss" with them.
Man, her nipples were so big, I should have won a prize for playing ring toss with those fun bags.
by wonnell December 22, 2010
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