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Term used when questionable male behavior is observed. Signified by the ringing of the family feud bell.
Saw two dudes sharing the same motor scooter. RING THE BELL!
by suckit1011 August 25, 2011
To severely hit or smack another person. One is usually in the hurt bag after having their bell rung. See dial tone.
Damn, when Frank told the chick that she was fat, she just rang his bell right there in the bar. Man, he hit the floor!
by Frank Klaune March 29, 2005
When a male slaps his testicles on the forehead of a female while pleasuring himself.
Roommate 1: Dude! what was all that noise in your room last night?

Roommate 2: My girl finally let me Ring the Bell on her!

Roommate 1: Ah Dang! Get it Quasimodo!
by bellringer10 December 08, 2009
A sayin used when something is done finished or accomplished.
Man he got beat down, Ring the Bell.
by BrookerT July 30, 2006
To apply pressure to one's partner's sphincter during sex in order to gauge their reaction. If they react positively, then one has implicit permission to insert a finger or thumb into the anus. On the contrary, if one's partner reacts negatively, then access to the anus has been denied.
Guy 1: So I was banging this chick from behind the other night, and I rang her bell with my pinky finger.

Guy 2: haha, we know what happens when you ring the bell

Guy 1: yeah, she moaned heavily, so I slipped it right in there and came buckets.
by himopolio April 25, 2011
The act of playing with a female's clitoris, usually at a strip club.
Ring the bell! Dingalingaling!
by Ron Bonds February 21, 2011
someone that has larger than average buttocks
andy can really ring the bell in those pants!
by kefs October 03, 2007