one who enjoys giving rim-jobs so much that they perform them for no charge in the privacy of their own home.
Colin D. of Grosse Pointe, Michigan is such a rimmer
by JAMmastaJAY May 21, 2005
A kid that no one has seen before until the first day of gym class freshman year of high school. He is tall and obviously dorky but tries to make a good impression by showing off his ability to jump high. He runs really fast and furiously and then does a jump stop on both feet and then jumps up again and tries to touch the rim of the basketball hoop. He should easily be able to get it but has some difficulty. Wears shirts with phrases on them and loves gym but has to settle for mingling with others and never being good enough.
Dan: Hey look at that kid, it looks like he's goin for rim.
Jeff: Aww he didn't get it though. Who is that?

Phil:(While looking at the kid) HEY! Rimmer! You think you can get rim or something?! Try jumping off Snooter's back before I draw a shaft on the carpet and have to clean the library.

Corey: I like wearing oversized undershirts and hanging with MVP.
by Johnny23 January 30, 2008
a term used to describe a person that wastes their entie lives in video games
Person 1:Look! Pyroman230 just reached level 65 in CoD:WaW
person 2:He just pulled a Rimmer
by Lostlocke108 February 28, 2009
Someone with such large male endowment that he fills up his girl to the rim.
Girl, that Dane is such a rimmer, i couldn't walk straight for a week.
by abragag December 02, 2008
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