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I rimmed that margherita with the salt rimmed glass.
by Spencer February 03, 2003
Licked someone's ... erm ... "out hole" Kinda the opposite of french kissing ^^
I rimmed Britney Spears... I feel so dirty.
by Gary November 29, 2003
toss your salad, be eaten out, have you ass licked.
i would like to be rimmed.
by steve-o21 January 12, 2006
To be without e-mail, BBM and internet access on your Blackberry device
I was totally Rimmed this week, my goddamn BBM wasn't working, couldn't get on Facebook and I actually had to call, text or even see people face-to-face - FML!
by lacosanostra84 October 13, 2011
1. Getting fucked by someone with a really large male member

2. Being bested by other party.
1. Honey, he rimmed me all night, no wonder I was late for school.

2. The Joneses rimmed those guys good. Two guys had their kneecaps broken, 4 broken noses and three broken arms. Peppi's Pizza Place got rimmed too, glass everywhere.
by abragag December 02, 2008
Driving a rental car that has a flat tire.
I rimmed that hoe all the way home so I could change the tire im my own front yard.
by Dave Wilkins August 26, 2005