Top Definition
to get a rim job while taking a shit and a bongload
francis gave anthony a rimkin at the drive in last night
by disco dil August 05, 2003
To take a massive steamy shit, while getting head and while she is eating out your asshole out!!!!!
Gina gives the best rimkins alive.
by Chinkster69 June 08, 2011
A rimkin is when a girl gives a guy a rimjob while the guying is taking a piss; the opposite of a blumpkin.
Dude this girl was totally wasted and i got her to give me a rimkin, it tickled.
by Chuck Wensy June 10, 2010
you should do it in the woods (its really filthy)
Anthony receved a rimken from francis while camping
by Anonymous August 07, 2003

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