RIMS are found on Bicycles, Motorcycles, Etc. They are used with spokes and a center hub to form a complete wheel assembly.

WHEELS are found on Automobiles.
the same morons that call nitrous (nitrous oxide) Noss, call Wheels Rims.

They are easily identified by thier "whip" which has zero performance improvements, is covered in racing stickers, has a spoiler on the trunk, and an oversized coffee can muffler; which would have added performance... if they had done a basic tune-up first.
by hojhiiiohfosd March 09, 2008
The wrong word used for a car's wheel. Used by rappers and morons who do not realise that a rim is not a wheel.
Fool: "Yo dawg check dem rims biatch!"

Enthusiast: "Those are wheels"
by t3q driver November 05, 2009
The outer edge of a cars wheel used to support and mount a tire. Ignorant bus-takers often use "rim" as a term to describe an entire wheel, usually the spokes.
"Yo man those are nice RIMS"
"What's so nice about them? They're stock; it's my spokes I was trying to show off."
"That be wack"
by Jim November 15, 2005
The verb 'to rim' refers to the act of performing love (intrusive or oral) of an anal variety.
i.e. Jake rims Fiona.
by Apricoticca August 04, 2005
1. Regional Information Manager
An IT fuction within a multinational wholesale company. Rather badly chosen because of 3.

2. Research In Motion
The Canadian company behind the BlackBerry phones.
Rather badly chosen because of 3.

3. The give oral sex to another person's anus. This is calles rimming (to rim) because people tend to lick the rim of the anus and not the inner bit.
A: You should ask the RIM that.

B: The WHAT???

No wonder they are called BLACKberries, they're produced by RIM!!
by mmmMalf March 18, 2011
1. The edge/ring around your asshole. Can be said.
2. The edge of anything (garbage bin, basketball ring).
1. "Man, my rim is 'caning' after that fat 'borrence'."
2. "I tried to throw my rubbish in the bin, but it hit the rim and bounced out."
by Diego August 31, 2003
some 22s and 24 inch rims that spin like huge ass tire fans. They spinnin niggaaa they spinniiiiiin!
"Come on man.. don't buy drugs.. but some rims! They spinnin nigga they spinnin they spinnin nigga they spinniiiiiin!" -Chris Rock
by RIMZ! May 21, 2004

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