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Rikki is the name of a very beautiful girl. Shes the most amazing person in the world. she's the best! no girl can compare to her, she's one of a kind. she's a smart girl. Shes an athletic, she likes to play sports, mainly softball. You won't find another girl like her. She's just that special. She can always put a smile on your face. She'll treat you the best. Her hugs are amazing, her kisses are the best. Rikki is just truly amazing. I promise you that you won't find another girl like her in the world. I love rikki. She's my baby, and is going to be for a long time. I love you Rikki.
by vsvp November 25, 2013
a usually blonde very hott girl. whos very nice and likes to have fun
dang, lets party with rikki
by dgftrtrn February 23, 2009
my wench
i love my rikki
by Hana April 05, 2004