a lancky, ginger child who has a very distinctive limp and pretends to be a rebel.Also prone to fanying chinese girls.Rikki sandersons also can be found replacing their prostethic heals.
can be found in native parts of your radiator
by yazan January 02, 2005
Top Definition
this rare species of (fire nacker giner ninja klegnut roast burning pube some one help my balls are on fire)has a very noticable and funny limp which causes people to call him such things as "shitty shit leg" or "limpy gimpy" "lopsided fire head" "prostetic prostitute" "crazy legs".he also has grown a very gay giner mullet.this species has been found raping chinese people.
quick theres a sander with loud medical shoes chasing me help he looks like a roasting klegnut.
by yazan January 06, 2005

" KHRUM ! " afdasf awqawf sdfs ghrtsxhbcyv hgcx
by D.O.P January 15, 2005
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