FeFe Dobson knockoff.
The Bitch is trying to sing like her in her new lame ass album "Rated R". Hoe please. I hope FeFe whoops her ass.
Rihanna is NOT original. Get it through your heads.
by Youreallydontknow December 25, 2009
noun, to describe how some people, of perverted natureike twochicksonecup or twochicks10000eelshave a fetish of having an umbrella opened whilst it is stuck in their anal passage.
also known as umbella, raining on the parade.
Person 1 :"I really want to rihanna, you up for it?"
Person 2 :"I'll get the 'brella and KY"

by Jay Johal April 15, 2008
Chirs Browns' new punching bag.
Chris' friend :"Hey wanna go hit the gym?"
Chris :" Nah, i'll just beat Rihanna"
by Shadowmynx March 30, 2009
To beat, welt, bite, throw out of car and leave a woman, wife or girlfriend.
Man, if that were me I would rihanna that bitch.
by scottdz February 26, 2009
1. To participate in a brutal fight with your boyfriend (which means you have to hit him back) and make yourself look like the victim even if you beat the shit out of him too.

2. To have everyone feel sorry for one's self.

3. Menstrual cycle for females.
1. Janice: Damn, Xavier and I had a Rihanna.

Gwen: Wow, your such a bitch.

2. Katie: Aiden is acting so wrong to you, Ashlee.

Ashlee: I know, I'm going to pull a Rihanna on him so he can treat me right this time.

Katie: Ooh, smart thing to do.

3. John: What's up with Veronica today? She just pushed me out of her way!

Carter: Sorry dude, she's on her Rihanna today. In about 3 more days, she'll be okay.

John: Thank God!
by LMAOProductionz June 23, 2009
the act of beating the shit out of somebody and then later blaming it on god
dude 1: yoooo. homie got served with a skillet!
dude 2: fo sho. that was one good rihanna.
by laser chestnut February 17, 2009
(v). To viciously beat a beautiful woman for a number of known reasons e.g. The transmission of an STD or throwing your keys away.
That bitch gave me the HIV. I'm gonna Rhianna her ass!
"Bitch, keep fuckin' wit me you'll get Rihanna'd"
by S/R February 18, 2009
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