A singer who got slapped dha shit out if her by chris brown
rihanna: so chris i read your emails
Chris: wtf **** slap****
rihanna: im calling the police
Chris: oh shit there goes my grammy!!
by Pompom138 March 03, 2009
a animal that eats pencils has no mates and gives led posining if bit
the rihanna bit me im gonna die
by agfadg August 16, 2007
Another one of those pop stars who suddenly appeared out of nowhere (like all the other modern pop stars) and suddenly made millions of dollars from false instruments, 'teasing' the audience and looking good. Her voice was never good, she has never looked good and should be shot
News Reporter: The pop queen Rihanna has allegedly been beaten and physically threatened by R'n'B singer and boyfriend Chris Brown
Me: *laughing my fucking head off*
by Bash her again March 11, 2009
A beautiful singer with a very annoying voice who will never reach Beyonce's level. Never. No matter how much she tries.
Sorry RiRi.
Rihanna's voice sounds like she swallows a million bees.
by Lili33 December 26, 2008
a girl who needs to pack on makeup to hide ugliness who hides gigantic forehead under fringe and has a huge nose
"hey is that a sixhead??"
"no its just a rihanna"
by missypi December 16, 2008
A bitch from the island who can't sing to save her life , but since she has good brain and open them legs for Jay - z now she now she WAS one of the best artist out, until her ass got the fucking shit whipped outta her by chris brown lmfao ! But she got his ass to but since he a guy he gets charged not her. Wtf

Jay Z: eww wtf ! You suck but whatever how is your brain game ? *

Rihanna: I get all C's in school.

Jay-Z: No I mean how good you suck dick, come here so I can back your ass on this dick .

Rihanna: ok, so then can I sing in front of people, and show them how untalented I am but since im fucking u im still making money :)

Jay Z: yup whatever .
by Drake's fan x3 August 02, 2009
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