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1. Rih-anna (REE-anna) definiton: Rihanna, a mediocre singer who appeared out of nowhere and is one of the worst female teenager influencers. Others being Maraiah Carrey, The Pussycat Dolls, Paris Hilton, and now Nelly Furtado.

2. Rih-anna (REE-anna) definiton: Rihanna, a mediocre singer who, whilst singing about how she doesn't want to hurt her "man", performs the most suggestive moves which contradict what she is saying.
No examples for Rihanna available at the current time.
by Canadian Punkster July 18, 2006
A recent singing sensation straight from the tiny Caribbean nation of Barbados, Rihanna was discovered during a talent show in her home island. After sending demo tapes to various labels, she was eventually able to perform infront of Jau-Z, who signed her to his label immediately.

Since then, the captivatingly beautiful Bajan has achieved success with such songs such as 'Pon de Replay' (admittedly, played out) and 'SOS.'
Rihanna is beautiful.
by Rompe February 25, 2006
A great singer. She sings songs like "Umbrella" "S&M" "Disturbia" "What's My Name" " Love the Way You Lie" " Who's That Chick" " Unfaithful" and many others. She is really famous.
Rihanna is my favorite singer. I love her song "Pon de Replay".
by Tennislover108 April 21, 2011
An international pop sensation who was born in Barbados in 1988 only to move to New York at the age of 16 with the hopes of success as a solo recording artist. She achieved her first international hit with "Pon de Replay" in the summer of 2005. Since then Rihanna has scored many international hit songs from 2005 to 2010. She has earned 6 Billboard Hot 100 #1 Singles, the most by any female recording artist since 2000. Often compared to Beyonce Knowels in the beginning of her career, she has now created a definitive image and an instantly recognizable voice and style that has separated her from the crowded field of female pop singers. Known for her edgy and trend setting style, Rihanna is a 21st fashion and beauty icon often featured in fashion blogs around the world and often in trademark stiletto heels and sunglasses paired with high-fashion emsembles. The singer's private life has also come under public scrutiny. She had much coverage for her 2009-post pre-Grammy altercation with then boyfriend Chris Brown which left her in the middle of a media circus. After months of silence and scrutiny, she released her critically acclaimed fourth studio album Rated R in late 2009. Currently at the peak of her popularity Rihanna has sold over 50 million records to date, 15 million albums and over 35 million digital downloads.
Rihanna is known as one of the holy-trinity of 21st century pop hit-makers which includes Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

P1: Who's better Rihanna or Beyonce?
P2: Beyonce is a better singer, but Rihanna is younger, sexier and cooler.

P1: Why does Rihanna swagger jack Lady Gaga all the time?
P2: Rihanna's been out since 2005 and dressing sexy since 2007, how is she swagger jacking Gaga? Also, why is Gaga swagger jacking Madonna?
P1: Lady Gaga is not copying Madonna, she's the most original artist who ever lived or ever will...
P2: Really? Do you know what originality is?
P1: no
by rudeboy87 March 27, 2010
She's new, she's alright.
Her song SOS has the copied background music from
Tainted Love which kinda irritates me..
Rihanna is alright I guess.
by Bethhh June 29, 2006
One of the most beatiful singers there is. She would make a perfect Hetaira and/or fuck diva.
Rihanna is as pretty as the angels when they sing.
by Deep blue 2012 August 31, 2010
A singer that, along with seal paul, should be commended in reviving a genre that has fallen out of favor 4 almost a decade. Now people will know that west indies pop is more than wearing a funny hat, braiding and getting stoned. However yall cats need to realize they are nothing compared to the GOLDEN AGE of reggae in the first half of the nineties, when Billy Joel, Old-school Shaggy, Big Mountain, UB40 and Inner Circle ruled the charts.
I like Rihanna, she reminds me of those hot summer nights when "i can't help falling in love", "sweat", "river of dreams", "come together" and "oh carolina" was heard whenever a car rolled by.
by whoa! Nelly furtado September 20, 2006
1)Jasper's Future Wife.

2) Queen of the Carribean.

3) Princess of R&B.

Jasper: Hey Rihanna I love you, lets get married?

Rihanna: Yeah, sure i'll stand under your umbrella.
by JasperB December 25, 2007