1. Rih-anna (REE-anna) definiton: Rihanna, a mediocre singer who appeared out of nowhere and is one of the worst female teenager influencers. Others being Maraiah Carrey, The Pussycat Dolls, Paris Hilton, and now Nelly Furtado.

2. Rih-anna (REE-anna) definiton: Rihanna, a mediocre singer who, whilst singing about how she doesn't want to hurt her "man", performs the most suggestive moves which contradict what she is saying.
No examples for Rihanna available at the current time.
by Canadian Punkster July 18, 2006
A dumb black chick with a small head.She's so ugly you can't blame Chris Brown for beating her face in.To "Rihanna" is to beat the face of a small headed ugly back chick.She almost looks like she had retardation with that small head of hers.
Someone needs to Rihanna that nasty ho! Her head is so small and her face is so ugly!
by Bossofbeefbowl June 06, 2011
A talented, discovered R&B singer from Barbados. Rihanna is known for her extraordinary style of clothing which is known to be casual/ sexy and chic. Her fan base is very supportive of her, they are known as Rihanna Navy. Rihanna is known for her own opinions stating she does not give a fuck what haters think of her and is a very independent 25 year old woman, who don't need no man!
Rihanna has made songs such as Umbrella, Diamonds and We Found Love.
by wu tang90 November 11, 2013
A female singer-songwriter and fashion designer from the small Caribbean island of Barbados. After releasing her debut album 'Music of the Sun', Rihanna has gone on to release six more albums, the latest being 2012's US #1 'Unapologetic'. To this date, Rihanna has 13 US #1 singles, 8 UK #1 singles, 6 platinum albums in the US and 4 #1 albums in the UK. She is the most successful digital artist of all time and has won many awards including the AMA Icon Award in 2013 and the CFDA Fashion Icon Award in 2014. She is also the female with the most MTV Video of the Year awards, with one for the 2007 smash-hit 'Umbrella' and another for the dance anthem that is 'We Found Love'. She has 7 Grammy Awards, 7 American Music Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards and 2 BRIT Awards.
Although some people may not like Rihanna's style or the choices she makes, you cannot deny her success, her talent and everything she has achieved in the last nine years.
by iiijjjsssddd July 05, 2014
Proof that you don't need talent to become famous. Horrible singer of horrible songs. Should just go away forever
If I hear that damn Umbrella song one more time I'm gonna knock someone out. And it might just be Rihanna herself
by runningforstuffandthings March 03, 2010
When a female gets her ass whooped by her partner.... includes punched,slapped, and kicked
Did you hear that bitch got Rihanna by her boyfriend. He left her face all messed up
by yeyofbaby June 15, 2014
Rihanna a are always very sweet and pretty. They have a great personality and a superb sense of humor. They oftain smile but there is usually a secret hiding behind the sweet smile that no one would suspect. Be very careful how you speak to a rihanna!
That girl is such a beauty queen!

She must be a rihanna
by Olivia Houston May 29, 2013
A big creature who farts a lot, it normally has weave.
Me. Can you smell that?
Shaydon. Yeah that must be Rihanna!
by Monster munch January 21, 2015

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