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1. Rih-anna (REE-anna) definiton: Rihanna, a mediocre singer who appeared out of nowhere and is one of the worst female teenager influencers. Others being Maraiah Carrey, The Pussycat Dolls, Paris Hilton, and now Nelly Furtado.

2. Rih-anna (REE-anna) definiton: Rihanna, a mediocre singer who, whilst singing about how she doesn't want to hurt her "man", performs the most suggestive moves which contradict what she is saying.
No examples for Rihanna available at the current time.
by Canadian Punkster July 18, 2006
an unfaithful woman. once got in trouble and felt it necessaery to sing out SOS, she alse "ponned da replay", which doesn't make any sense

Policeman: You're under arrest for the suspicion of your part in a murder

Rihanna: But I didn't do anything!

Policeman (singing lyrics) "I just cheated on my boyfreind, I don't want to be a murderer, If i cheat on my boyfreind he will die, being unfaithful kills, I am unfafthful", not word for word, but this is as good as a confession, come on: your coming down to the station with me
by Willis McGee July 25, 2006
A so called "singer" with a very annoying voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
The new {s}hit "umbrella" by Rihanna made me want to trip her with one.
by TotalPrat March 09, 2008
An example of pure modern street trash intoxicating the British population's minds.
Rihanna is a singer whose songs are cheap, tacky, naff and meaningless. She sings about anything from umbrellas to murderers...
Her most popular audiences include chavs, chavettes and townies who think it's cool to hang around McDonalds threatening people with umbrellas.
It is also questioned whether Rihanna suffers from a permanent and severe condition of blocked nose. It can be heard very clearly in 'Unfaithful'
She thinks her audience is either deaf or stupid as she tends to repeat a sentence around 50 times in each song (ella-ella-ella-ella. YES we get it, thanks.) But perhaps this could be due to her lack of imagination and/or incompetance of coming up with new lyrics.

Related singers include Jay Z, Beyoncé, 50 Cent and Chris Brown.
Rihanna thinks she's the Queen and finds it necessary to have some sort of informal introduction at the beginning of her songs by another naff and tacky artist such as Jay Z.

Please. Don't make me sick.
Old Woman at the bus stop: aaaargh the weather these days. And I forgot my umbrella at home! DAMN BRITISH WEATHER!

Rihanna: That's ok, hunny, you can stand under my umb-erella, ella, ella, ella-


Rihanna: Yeah, but I am otherwise I wouldn't write such crap music. ELLA ELLA ELLLLLLLA EYYY EYY EYYY

Old Woman: Go shove your umbrella where it belongs.
by piratescaribbean111 May 28, 2008
Having a large forehead. Like a sixhead or a sevenhead.
Damn, Angelina Jolie has a Rihanna too.
by Xt34345 March 13, 2010
A singer from the islands that got famous with her hit single "Pon De Replay."
Rihanna runs in the club when no one is shooting.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
Quite possibly the most untalented artist of all time. Really has no business in the music industry in the first place, see her singing live or better yet her singing er butchering Mariah Carey's "Hero" via YouTube. Each song she makes is worse than the one before.
Rihanna is a horrible singer and has no talent and should just go away. She is ruining American pop music every time she sings.
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010