What happens to your fingers when you "finger" someone for too long
Bruh, I fingered that girl so long that when she finished my fingers where all rigor mortis and shit
by D-WALLoftheclique October 21, 2010
Top Definition
when someone's dead for a while and their limbs stiffen (not the penis, though if the corpse is laid face down, the flow of blood to the penis can result in an erection.. a treat for necrophiliacs)
when johnny tried to make the dead man give him a hand job, ted said "you idiot! the guy won't move! it's rigor mortis!", so then johnny killed ted and had ted finish the job before rigor mortis set in
Rigor Mortis happens about 3-6 hours after death. It starts in the head, and goes down to the feet. It begins to leave through the feet and exits through the head. This has nothing to do with blood. That is post mortem lividty. Rigor mortis occurs as a result of a chemical change in the muscles of the decedent, causing them to become very stiff and difficult to manipulate.

Also, this has nothing to do with erections that is called a "priapism".
Because this person has been dead for 13 hours, rigor mortis has set in, and I am having trouble moving them.
by DanniCupcake October 12, 2007
Something that is very stiff and hard to move.
It seems Stewie wee wee, has been stricken with rigor mortis.
by Tyrone November 10, 2004
a common side effect of smoking high quality marijuana. the main symptom is loss of body control, which the brain interprets as muscle paralysis or muscle stiffening. there are two known cures: a body part must be moved/touched/pushed by an outside force, or mentally overcoming the effect with meditation.
Carl: Dude this is good weed.

Greg: I know, I can't move.

Carl: You got the Rigor Mortis!

Greg: Dude, touch me. I'm stuck!

Carl: Haha no I'm gonna go upstairs and steal your parents' personal items.

Greg: What the fuck?
by Sheet Man November 24, 2010
use this word to describe your penis when its erect.
my penis has been struck with rigor mortis.
by americas favorite cookie February 15, 2005
the stiffening of joints after death, or a stoners last respects to a dead bong-buddy, in other words lighting up to honor the dead
The body was stuck in a doggy-style position due to rigor mortis.

After the death of Jimmy, Ted decided to honor him through rigor mortis.
by the ninja buddha April 29, 2007
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