Amazingly amazing.
"Dude, that is fucking righteous!"
#righteous #right #amazing #rightous #teous
by yesithinkso August 20, 2008
A modification of right. Used when one realises something, or is told something by someone else.
E.g 1

you have to turn the stove to 100c

Oh righteous.

E.g 2

Oh righteous i gotta put that over there.
#right #o.k #realise #rightous #realisation #okay
by nutshak February 26, 2009
worthy of my time
The model over there is righteous, but I'm not sure about this fabric one.
by ma jones May 17, 2004
Hott; a shortened form of "righteously hot"; very attractive; blazing
"Dude, did you see that blonde that just walked by?"
"Yeah, she was so righteous!"

"Natalie Portman is so righteous, I would kiss a dude to spend a night with her!"
"Bro, she is totally blazing."
#hot #attractive #blazing #sexy #cute #bangable
by FlowSThead August 07, 2009
"Ole Skool" biker slang for a chopper with all the right stuff like a pyschadelic kandy paint job, upswept exhaust pipes, and a sissy bar at least 36" tall.
"Man, Messy Marvin, your scooter is one righteous chopper"
by Voneville August 16, 2005
an awesome term used by awesome badass ppl...sometimes sarcastic but always pretty funny...sumtimes randomly yelled out as a joke look at these new clogs i got
by badasskailey March 15, 2004
Cool; okay. In the same way that people use "cool" when they really mean "okay," people (mostly African American) said "righteous" in the late 70's and early 80's. It was then picked up by the white mainstream and quickly became part of Valley Girl lingo.
"You wanna go to the store?"
by Braun November 13, 2003
Able to preform a certain action or purpose well.
1. This cup holds a righteous two beers.
2. This cup righteously holds two beers.
#well #good #benefitial #beer #yummy
by existone July 08, 2006
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