Insecure, hypocritical people who usually hide behind their religious beliefs because they are incapable of thinking for themselves. They often accuse doctors who perform abortions of "playing God," yet fight to keep human vegetables on artificial life support because they believe it is "God's will" to keep them alive. Despite these convictions, many right-to-lifers also support the death penalty.
Person 1: Did you hear about those right-to-lifers who shot that abortion doctor?

Person 2: Yea, talk about a double standard!
by Shaggy2010 July 11, 2010
Top Definition
Nadia wanted to get an abortion because she was only 14, but someone who was a right-to-lifer told her that if she did then he would shoot her. Fuck right-to-lifers.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
A group of anti-choice terrorists involved in the murder of doctors, bombings of women's clinics, and the daily harassment of women, doctors, nurses.
Ironically, right-to-lifers have no respect for women's lives.
by logyk August 31, 2009
A derogatory term for pro-life people who want murder outlawed. Threats to the life of those connected to abortion from a few shitheads just give the pro-lifers a bad name.
"Those right-to-lifers are such jackasses! They're telling me not to brutally murder my offspring! So what if I have a fetish for killing infants? It lets me fulfill my power fantasies over the young and helpless!"
-Typical Liberal
by Ed February 26, 2006
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