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Very good cannabis where one "hit" can mess your shit up. Much like the wildly popular song "I'm Too Sexy" caused Right Said Fred to be a "one hit wonder"
"Dude, that shit is bad-ass, it's totally Right Said Fred."
by Big Hitter March 08, 2010
a band that sang the infamous one hit wonder "i'm too sexy." the song lists a number of things the guy is too sexy for, such as his shirt, parties, his hat and a bundle of other cr-azy things ending in an overload of sexiness leading to the desmise of the song.
right said fred is so sexy i'm gonna have a heart attack

i don't feel right said fred is that sexy

that poor cat
by cynical me July 17, 2005
When describing a Lady wearing a low cut top and a good bra.
You see two Bald head like objects in her bra..... like Right Said Fred.
Ozzie: Corr have you seen that girl over there?

Pat: What her and Right Said Fred!?!
by Jacky Mitchell March 13, 2008