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1. A positive response.
2. "Yeah, whatever."
1. You passed your class? Right on!
2. Person1: Wanna go to Denny's?
Person2: Right on.
by The Grammar Nazi October 21, 2001
a response of agreement
Person 1 So then I really told him what I thought of his polymorphic function.

Person 2: Right on. That's what I would have done
by Bungalow Bill January 30, 2002
(archaic) Expresses agreement or solidarity with another.
1st Panther: "My dashiki and enormous afro are devices which assist me in mau-mauing whitey."
2nd Panther: "Right on, brother!"
by bizook March 21, 2003
An expression which adds a positive emphasis to an idea. It
can mean "cool" or "fantastic" or "you-got-it". Very popular
in the '70's when Isaac Hayes hit record "Shaft" used the
expression in its lyrics.
"Right-on, brother."
by Mamashaina46 May 27, 2008
A positive response to an event. *Note this phrase was first coined by Josh giving them all power over Caseys in the use of this phrase.
Guy 1: Dude I got a date with Sara.
Guy 2: Right on!
by Nova08 June 16, 2013
1.a positive affirmation
2.Used to express solidarity
with a cause or oppressed race

Example 1
Guy:"Giving monkeys the right to vote would be stupid."
Broseph:"right on"
Guy::"...lets get stoned"

Example 2
Guy: "Being black isn't easy"
Rakim: "You're not black"
Guy: "...right on"
by Toddley February 26, 2007
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