Something that nu metal bands can't seem to use with good effect.
no needed
by Mike B July 02, 2003
improvised part of a jazz tune
(check out your favorite jazz song)
by Anonymous November 26, 2002
A person who tucks their tracksuit bottoms into their socks. They also commonly wear Rockport shoes, Burberry scarves and Stone Island caps. Can be found outside the Spar uttering phrases such as:
"Ere mate, will you go to the shop for us?"

Answer - "No, fuck off you riff"

Or "Do us two's on that Lambert".
by Steve@Hallam January 22, 2004
An "I dunno" type of attitude. The type of attitude where someone could set up an elaborate mechine, and have it blow up, whithout anything more than "oops."

Derrived from Riff, of the webcomic Sluggy Freelance
He just blew up an entire hC biulding, and shrugged it off with, "Oops." That is SO Riff.
by Psychic Jack September 09, 2003
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