When something is so totally unreal or absolutely preposterous, that the word ridiculous does not come to close to explaining it.
Any of the above definitions that claim to have started the word ridonculous in the past 10 years, are in fact ridonculous. The word ridonculous has been around for at least 20 years as I have known it all my life.
by Yoda December 15, 2004
Top Definition
Functionally similar to the word "ridiculous," this word is often used in its place for extra emphasis.
There's a ridonculous amount of cheddar cheese stuck in the printer.
by 755coop3 April 23, 2004
When ridiculous knows no bounds
"Check out the hunk of blue cheese he's got on that wing."

"That's ridonculous!"
by Todd Benson March 02, 2004
adj. something that is so extremely ridiculous that one can't comprehend the full ridculousness of it.
Rufus Wainwright is so cool, everyone who doesn't like him is ridonculous
by A.P. Gooey July 05, 2004
To transcend the ridiculous, a cross between the words 'ridiculous' and 'donkey' To denote something that is so ridiculous it's on the level of a jackass or the asinine.

A phrase that was coined by OBT of Markham, ON, Canada

Those who claim to have coined the term "Ridonculous" are just that...Ridonculous; as I have been using the term since '86 (for definition of "Since '86" please see "Since '86")
by OBT August 31, 2007
Ridonculous is a highly technical term used to define anything that blows one's mind. In general usage, it refers to something that is incomprehensibly amazing.
Did you see the new Nvidia graphics card? It's absolutely ridonculous!

This burrito is so huge. So huge, in fact, that it's ... ridonculous!
by Mkun April 25, 2006
(adjective) - ridiculous

Roald Dahl's BFG uses this word. This may be the origin of the word. First published in 1982.
Some of the other origins I've seen suggested are ridonculous.
by doof0000 June 16, 2011
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