When one takes a large dump and forgets to wipe, therefore leaving skid marks in one's under garments.
Your mother when she takes off her panties.

"Bitch, I be ridin' dirty"
by Amanda Gilizzle June 11, 2006
Driving while thinking of explicite sex acts to be performed on the person next to you or someone you might see!; driving with a dirty mind; walking around with a dirty mind.
I can't wait get him home and unzip those pants! I am so Ridin' Dirty!
by Wendynj March 25, 2007
Go-karting aggressively, and causing others bodily harm in doing so.
The boy in number six is ridin' dirty. He ran me into the railing.
by Dezorah July 08, 2006
Continuing one's activities after having defecated without wiping one's anus.
Gangsta: Yo, man, he was ridin' dirty all night last night.
Homedawg: Yeah, man. That must explain why he smell like crap.
by Ward8 May 26, 2006
The act of having gay sex with some dude nicknamed "Dirty".
I KNEW it. I KNEW Odworth was ridin' dirty!
by Jon Ace September 29, 2006
to have anal sex with someone
or to carry weapons or drugs in your car illegally.
"yo man i had a dream last night that me and sarah were ridin' dirty, if only i could get that prude bitch to try it"
by The one who knows all April 03, 2006
In the computer industry, the term "ridin' dirty" is used to describe a computer that's behaving erratically or running slowly due to excessive software and/or spyware on the system. Frequently, these systems must be rebooted or reinstalled.
It was taking my system like 10 minutes to boot up. Turns out it was ridin' dirty because when I removed some programs from the startup folder, it came up real quick.
by Manoj June 15, 2006

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