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Used when a person says something that you dont agree with and you want to let them know how wrong they are.
Man 1: Dude I am twice the man you are.

Man 2: You are R I diculous.
by the Pump April 11, 2007
26 26
another term coined by a DC area kid named Branden B. meaning so absurd or ridiculous, it needed a title or name like h.r. pufnstuf or h.i. larious.
yo kid, all these fraudulent cats claimin they invented sayin h.i. larious are straight up r.i. diculous.
by Tiste Jr. February 14, 2010
6 8
chris nelson
don't be chris nelson(ridiculous).
by beckamurphy March 14, 2010
8 13
An alternative word for style other than : fly, ghetto fabulous, The Shiznit, iced-out, etc.

A person's style that's ridiculous is "fly".
My style is off the chain ridiculous cuz I roll like dat!
by Thegirl March 27, 2007
41 47
when something (be it a Movie, book, or anything else) is both really awesome AND is really funny.
The movie Kick-Ass! is so ridiculous, it has parts in it that show blood and gore but also make you laugh a lot.
by MasterMoneybags May 03, 2010
8 16
to be of, or to pertain to a red-head
that red-head is ridiculous <3
by pseudonym1618 November 03, 2010
0 9
Ri-dick-u-los.. owned by Grisel
oh snap, that kid is retarded and ridiculous!
by Mr. whoa May 18, 2008
7 16