the most hoodest place in new york queens, no where in the world is more gangsta.
im from ridgewood queens.
yo lets dip to ridgewood.
by camron February 28, 2005
basically, its where the blackest of all negros live
klee: im a fucking niggar!
tyrone: u that nigga from ridgewood!
by kevin lee lee lee November 07, 2005
Ridgewood is not a town it is actually a "village". The snobby assholeish people who live there decided to have it be a "village" just to show exactly how much that they think that they're better then the rest of the world. The town is mostly white spoiled kids who have never had a single day of honest work. Racists and assholes, That's pretty much what Ridgewood is all about.
Ridgewood is so racist that they actually used a white todo in their elementry school rendition of the wizard of OZ.
by tomhawk July 14, 2006
a rich preppy snobby town. with a lot of drugs. a lot of ppl hang in town. sometimes too many people. theres always terrible traffic. all rich people here are snobs. some girls r very bitchy and gay. every single white kid thats rich lives here pretty much. its gay. every1 in ridgewood is racist and they judge ppl by the size of their house and they amount of expencive shit they have. its gay.
ridgewood is fucking preppy town.
by Nicoleyyy August 28, 2006
A town where 67 girls throw up foreheads and eat their mothers mashed noses in cucumber sauce. They go around and poke every body and they like to disturb the public cause they ate fried fritts, They go around and kill the queen of england. They like to pee by soccer nets even tho their house in 30 second and 12 miles away. They make their friends over the phone and then they take them on an adventure like ferris beauler on a motorcycle eathing his grandmas sporks. They have wheels as feet and they call people that live in california at 3 AmThey are eating cucumbers and you better watch out cause there gonna chop you up with their baby livers and wheel feet. they throw fat bitches in the dumpster and they like justinian.
Im gonna convict you of heresy

That girls intestines are sticking out. what a slut
by nickle von strontenburg April 09, 2005
you're all wrong...90% of ridgewood is snobby and that's what makes it AMAZING. it's like growing up in a bubble, and most people don't leave the area, that's why sooo many kids have parents that went to ridgewood too. it has the best education and sports out of any public schools anywhere. everyone has awesome clothes and frowns upon freaky punks and whatnot. like 80% of the population is irish-italian, with the exception of a few JAPS and asians who all live in the apartments and rip off our parents' tax money. best town to grow up in. ever. ever. the guys are all ridiculously hot and the girls are all classy gorgeous. the only thing wrong with the town is the annoying moms that walk around with vera bradley bags and gossip inside the lilly pulitzer like nobody's business. everyone here plays lacrosse (there is an official lax day)and shops at ralph lauren. great place. lots of pot.
kid from glen rock: man i wish i grew up in ridgewood, that place is like heaven
by abc March 25, 2005
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