A Working-Class town in NYC that's right next door to Brooklyn,and is close to Bushwick and Glendale.Ridgewood is atleast 25 minuits from Manhattan,if you take the M-Train that stops right in the middle of Forest Avenue.People of all races life there,which are mostly Black,Hispanic and Polish,and the apartment layouts give it more a Brooklyn look then Queens,which have great prices and can be easily afforded.Ridgewood is a great place for raising a kid,because of it's great schools and socializatian,while all the stores and transportation.
Ridgewood In Da Houuuuse!!!!
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 26, 2005
ridgewood is a nice town; widely ranged in wealth. big houses on the west side up by midland park and 'ghetto' down on south broad street and the surrounding area. people come to both sell and buy drugs everyday and thats a good thing for anybody including the pigs whu dnt hav to worry about anythign cuz theyre too stupid to realize how mani bags of shrooms, weed,and ice are being sold while theyre eating donuts. big town with many stores for clothes, ice cream, and w/e the fuck else u wana get. a movie theatre so u can go straight trippin on those shrooms u jst got while freakin the fuk out during a movie on a big screen. not much else, alot of prepps (yes they annoy us all) make fun of them as much as u want its hilarious, but if u realli hate it that much and need to go on the internternet and say that every1s the same and every1s rich and snobby cuz u dnt hav anything better to du, then get the fuck out of our town and stop complaining
yo ridgewoods gay

yo thats cuz uv been sober ur whole life
by xy xy xy July 24, 2006
A town in New Jersey where there is absolutely no diversity. Mostly stuck up & superficial white folks. Stay at home moms who get their hair & nails done twice a week. Pot heads galore. Lol, this place pretty much sucks. Nothing to do, no where to go other than GSP mall. Ridgewood High School DOES offer a lot for their students, however. It's just that for some reason, the kids who attend the school (rule of thumb) tend to be complete & total jackasses. If you feel you've an eccentric & unique personality, style, demeanor, DO NOT expose that to these people unless you like to be incessantly teased for the rest of your high school career.

John Kreisa, a really sweet boy who suffers from autism was relentlessly teased by a lot of the 'jocks' at the school for no reason at all. ULTIMATELY, if there was ever a good year in RHS where all or most of the students were free to express themselves comfortably, it was not during one of my years. (Class of '09, here.)

People who made it worth while are obviously the group of friends I hung out with & Mr Sattely. He's an awesome choir teacher & I really missed him for a good portion of my Senior year.
Ridgewood pretty much sucks really hard.
Don't come to visit.
by Johanna Syrus December 31, 2009
The absolute preppiest most stuck up town in all of the world. I've been tortured to having to live here since i was 9 and I've hated every second of it. I can count the cool people who live here on two hands which is really quite sad. The small percent of people who ARE cool however, know how shitty the place really is.
"hey youre one of the cool people from ridgewood, thats pretty rare"

"yeah i know... hey wait im 18 what the fuck am i still doing here?!?!?!"

"i dont know dude we should get the fuck outta here and never come back"

"fuck yeah dude lets go!"
by ahcas September 22, 2008
Sadly im from ridgewood and i still think it sucks. Seriosly what is preppy in most places is an insult in ridgewood. if you asked someone in ridgewood if they wore abercrombie they would probably make you r life miserable by spreading rumors about, and they tell you hollister is the place to go. so basically they judge the stores by how short the mini skirts are, shortere the better, and how much things cost, more expensive the better. However if you somehow find yourself with the artsy scene your life will be much better. In ridgewood everybody does well in skool but when they are doing things that involve themselves ansering questions outloud around there friend they are racist dumb rich snobby idiots
wow you did great on the french test, now count to 10 in french as a warm-up, says a french teacher

Uhh uno,1, deusch,2, dress,3, cats,4, suck,5, sex,6, sets,7, weed,8, 'nough, dice,10., says a ridgewood student
by sexybecs September 17, 2008
All i can say is that they are wannabee 'ganstas'... well for them they would say its correctly spelt 'gangsters'. Here in Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, and Wycoff. And Glen Rock football is amazing unlike Ridgewoods. Stuck up snobs that are teacher suck ups that try to be cool and popular but thats not happening! I've once went to there school, I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT. They have a so called good pool, But really its a dirty lake. If your from ridgewood, dont lie so that you can brag!
Visitor: I want to go to a pool. A clean nice pool. Is there any around?

Ridgewood person: OH! We have... A great pool! Clear water and many life guards!

Visitor: GREAT. Ill go now!

by HATERS OF RW January 25, 2011
home of the sluttiest, bitchest, girls and the biggest assholes of guys. rich, and stuck up, they think there the shit, every other town hates you. and although you may think everyone loves your town aka 'village' they just use you for your pot, and movie theatre.
ridgewood: we're the shit.
everyothertown: we hate you get over it.
by hatteridgewood January 08, 2009

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