An affluent town with a gigantic Asian minority. Other than that, it's like anywhere else. Some people are racist, some people are not. Some people wear polos and some wear band shirts (but nobody actually cares about how you dress, believe it or not). Some people are snobby, some people are down-to-earth.

I won't say there's NO snobs, but snobs are literally everywhere. If you read the other definitions listed here, there's obviously even people who look down on rich people. So it actually doesn't really matter, since most people don't care about any of this and just try to act like normal human beings.
Ridgewood is called a village because it was established when it was legally too small to be called a town. Not because it sounds cool, dumbass.
by I don't really know May 02, 2009
a rich town in northern new jersey, about 10 miles away from new york city. its a suburban area with an awesome downtown area, large really nice homes, and a great school system. most towns that surround it hate ridgewood because there jealous of the very successful sports teams, schools, and amount of money ridgewood people have. other towns call it rich town, or richwood.

there are 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and one high school. though the halls are lined with uggs, tiffany jewelry and designer everything the people can actually be really nice. there student population ranges from sluts to emo kids and overall the school is really nice
the high schoolers drink and party hard on the weekends and its also known for the hs dances. EVERYONE shows up drunk out of their minds. despite that grades are awesome overall in ridgewood.

the town can be a little snobby the poeple are still really nice and its a great place to live
Girl: I went to an awesome party in ridgewood last night
Guy: You mean richwood?
Girl: Who cares it actually a great place
by cwj January 13, 2010
A place where people go to get some ass, some boose, some pot, and some bitch's ass to kick. Everyone seems to think we're rich, preppy, and stuck up. But if you stick with the right crowd (which is really...the WRONG crowd...) you will have the most fun in your life. Aside from the many arrests that occur in Ridgewood from underage drinking and paraphenalia, it's a really fun place. And there's tons of food.
I was in Ridgewood the other day and i got really high and ordered Hunan Villa chinese food, and then thought i could fly off the roof of the movie theater. Then i got arrested by a big cop.
by karaaaaa October 29, 2006
Ridgewood is one of the greatest towns in New Jersey. Sure theres a lot of pot, but there are a million of other awesome things to do. People bash on Ridgewood, yet every Friday and Saturday night outside or riteaid, starbucks, and the movie theatre you will see hundreds of kids from other towns, wishing they really lived here. The schools are amazing, sports are sick, and we have awesome shopping.
Kid from Ramapo "It's a friday night, what are we going to do?"
Another kid from Ramapo "Lets go hang out in Ridgewood!"
"But it's raining"
by ridgewoodian December 13, 2006
Ridgewood is an amazing town to grow up in as long as you don't get caught up with the wrong people. Sure theres drugs behind Starbucks but seriously this town is amazing. Theres amazing houses and everyone is rich and dressed nicely. Everyone is rich but in no way snobby and everyone is amazing. I love this town....people from all over Bergen County come here because our shopping area is great. Come to Ridgewood...the best town in Bergen County!
-"Hey Jill you wanna go hang out it Ridgewood."
"Sure what time?"
"Cant wait!"
by Rachel Keannen March 21, 2005
ridgewood is a nice town; widely ranged in wealth. big houses on the west side up by midland park and 'ghetto' down on south broad street and the surrounding area. people come to both sell and buy drugs everyday and thats a good thing for anybody including the pigs whu dnt hav to worry about anythign cuz theyre too stupid to realize how mani bags of shrooms, weed,and ice are being sold while theyre eating donuts. big town with many stores for clothes, ice cream, and w/e the fuck else u wana get. a movie theatre so u can go straight trippin on those shrooms u jst got while freakin the fuk out during a movie on a big screen. not much else, alot of prepps (yes they annoy us all) make fun of them as much as u want its hilarious, but if u realli hate it that much and need to go on the internternet and say that every1s the same and every1s rich and snobby cuz u dnt hav anything better to du, then get the fuck out of our town and stop complaining
jamel: yo ridgewoods gay

tony: yo thats cuz uv been sober ur whole life
by xyxyxy July 17, 2006
The coolest place to live is knows for their sports and education. has the best looking people ever and if ur from another town dont even bother asking a ridgewood girl out cause they know better and wont date slobs!!!! their is only an occasional boy from glen rock that a girl from ridgewood would date
hey did u see that girl from ridgewood.
ya i asked her out cause she was drop dead gorgeous.
what did she say
she turned me down cause im from paterson.
that sucks.
ya i know.
by POOP ON THE BUTT! January 18, 2011

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