Really tight pants worn by a woman. Super lip-huggers that create camel-toe. Might be local to southern Ontario.

Check out the riders on that skank in the tie-dyes. you can practically hear her squeak.
by coblinsky May 11, 2008
A very strong athletic person. Who is very hot and sexy and is very funny. Riders are not very common and hard to find. When you meet one, you will surly be his friend or more if you now what I mean. Usually riders have best friend,that name starts with a C. He also usually has a girlfriend or likes girls with a name that starts with an A
Wow rider your so funny and hot
by _love.amanda September 15, 2015
A rider is someone who drives a nice car (looks good, drives fast, expensive, etc), and is somewhat involved in car culture. For example, someone with a customized Scion tC or an overhauled Chevy Vega is a rider, but someone with a generic Oldsmobile sedan or a lame Toyota Prius is not.
This usage of "rider" has increased in popularity recently, thanks to trailers for the 2015 game Need For Speed, which use the song "Night Riders" by Major Lazer as an anthem.
You need to know that I'm a rider
Tonight we gonna set the streets on fire
All I need is the gas and a lighter
And we'll have one hell of a time
by Open Sezmee September 10, 2015
A loser in any Call of Duty title who mounts his teammates like a sex toy and rides them around the map until they are killed by you thus resulting in your immediate death after you have been wounded by the rider's human shield leaving you to be killed by 1-2 bullets.
I lost my Attack Dogs because a rider with "BOSS" as his group name was riding his highest level teammate.

by En1glVla March 28, 2012
Short for the Saskatchewan CFL team,Saskatchewan Roughriders.
The riders are one of the most annoying aspects of living in Saskatchewan.
All you hear 24/7 on the radio,on tv and from your peers and co workers is go riders this,and go riders that.
They never win anyway.People get way too obsesed and carried away over the riders,from the stupid facepainted screaming fans at games to the carflags that get shoved down your throat at gas stations.
No one outside saskatchewan has even heard of the riders and no one cares.

Riders suck.
stoned ass fan:"WOOOOOOH!!!! LET'S GO RIDERS!!!!!!"

person with a life:"dude,Id rather wax my balls than hear about the riders".
by benchodbhai November 21, 2010
A hockey player who has an unbelievably bad skating technique, in which while their skating their feet never come in closer than shoulders width to their body, almost like their riding a wild bull and trying to stay on as it flails them around.
Zack is such a rider, he looks like a complete mess while he is skating, almost as if he has a giant buttplug between his legs.
by danglinjoe69 August 04, 2009
An alternate term for a homework problem.
Student: What should I study for the exam?
Professor: You should go over the assigned riders for chapters two, three and four.
by Rodrigo86 January 05, 2008
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