Really tight pants worn by a woman. Super lip-huggers that create camel-toe. Might be local to southern Ontario.

Check out the riders on that skank in the tie-dyes. you can practically hear her squeak.
by coblinsky May 11, 2008
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a girl who is in it for the long run, will stay with you and who has your back no matter what
"she's a rider"
by kitznegari January 22, 2003
a straight up, easy going, dont give a fuck about what you think type a person.
"when that horse (life) bucks you off, you gotta get your ass up and ride on"
by skr0oface June 17, 2004
person whos down with their crew gets in on the action just with no gang affiliation and is down for life

yo thats that punk bitch rider from 17th
lets go get his ass
by the osiris January 18, 2005
A dude whos down wit their boys,not in a gang,but just represents where theyre from(neighborhood/city) and dont run their mouths but are just chill and reprsent their hood and their boys.
"Man,youre gangsta"
"Naw man,Imma rider,I dont gangbang I just represent ma lane."
by RydaNigga April 27, 2010
1. A person who rides a motorcycle.
2. A snowboarder.
3. One that will have your back, even at their expense. One knows what's right and wrong with respects to previous laws of embodiment.
"She got locked up for you because you already had two strikes?"
'yeah man..'
"damn, that's a rider."
by littleboy721 April 26, 2008
Gloves. Worn to street fights. Protects puncher's hands and scratches up opponent's face. Almost any pair of gloves can be used: baseball, football, working, etc.
Foo caught a fade with my riders on.
by Kleetz May 24, 2006
A loser in any Call of Duty title who mounts his teammates like a sex toy and rides them around the map until they are killed by you thus resulting in your immediate death after you have been wounded by the rider's human shield leaving you to be killed by 1-2 bullets.
I lost my Attack Dogs because a rider with "BOSS" as his group name was riding his highest level teammate.

by En1glVla March 28, 2012

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