1. reference to a vehicle that a person is driving
2. to ride motocross or go on a ride
3. Little Red Ridin' hood
Yo check out that ride foo. That ride is sick yo. Let's go for a ride.
by Drop 'EM low ridaz June 20, 2003
Scottish origins;(v) to have sex;(adj) very attractive girl, lady, women; (adj)sarcastic descriptive for an ugly person.
(v) I waant tae ride you, ya manky wee cunt.
(adj) Yer sister's a ride and she's gettin' pumped.
(adj) Keep you deformed mouth shut ya ride.
by jp1122332345654 August 18, 2006
To hump someone
To ride until dawn
by Marie April 02, 2003
Irish slang for a male who is very attractive and who you would like to fuck. sometimes pronounced as 'roy-ide'
Me: jonathan rhys meyers is a big ride.

Someone else: me mate thinks you're royide
by ThatGal December 23, 2007
To have sexual intercourse.
"Hay luke did you get rides from that chick last nite?"
"Oh fo' sure!"
by JMCoughlan November 24, 2008
1.sexual possition with the female on top
2.when something has to be done
3.picked up from the streets
1."come on girl, ride me"
2."you gunna let that shit ride"
3."give me a ride home, i got 2.25 on gas"
by Chitooneism September 15, 2005
1. A sexual intercourse from a female active point of view

2. A sexual position when the female is on top of the man who is seated or lying on his back

3. A sexually desirable male from a female point of view.
1. tonigh i'll give a good ride to him

2. Robert is very handsome... he's really a good ride
by sammy2001 April 22, 2011


only idiots use it.
person 1: "hey d00d check out mah new rides!!"
person 2: "shut the fuck up you loser they're called sneakers!!!"
by phiona April 24, 2006

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