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Inject heroin. The volume markers on the syringe make up the stripes.
"Ride the tiger, you can see his stripes but you know he's clean." -Dio
by KlarkKent June 12, 2010
The exponential increase in psychedelic consciousness after ingesting a hallucinogenic drug. Once arriving at the climax of the trip, the initial "riding of the tiger" has ended.
"Hey Mike, do you have those shrooms?" Mike- "In my belly.".... "I'm ready to ride the tiger."
by DenimDaryl March 01, 2013
To partake in sexual intercourse or sexual relations with someone of Asian descent, or who posseses physical characteristics of an Asian.

The quote "ride the tiger" is refered to in the Pixies song, "River Euphrates".
Tiger Woods' father rode the tiger.

Dave Chapelle admits he likes to ride the tiger.
by row!dz March 07, 2010
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