A complete spaz who smacks herself in the face trying to kill a bug.....more than once at any specific time. Synonoumous with Ridiot
Yo that girl over there just Riddhi'd herself!
by Mathias W December 11, 2007
Top Definition
its a noun. a name. a person who exceeds in everything.. a.k.a. a goddess married to a powerful god in hindu religion.
i hope to get riddhi in future.

i hope to do riddhi in future.
by riddhi June 26, 2006
a young sexy girl, with beautiful hair, beautiful hair, all the boys are after her, very beautiful young lady
riddhi is here, the coolest, prettiest girl in town
by ✨. March 27, 2015
n. something utterly ridiculous and spazztic

v. to do something unbelieveably spazztic and retarded
Why do you have to be such a Riddhi by spilling the milk like that?

Me: I just Riddhi'd so hard the other night.
Girl: Damn boy. can you riddhi every night?

Man: Hey can you go feed my fish some food?
Woman: Sure sexy, *walks to fishtank* aww damn the cover fell in!
Man: That's a Riddhi thing to do.
by nosferatugeorgeous March 26, 2010

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