describing something ridiculous that a guy does
frank acts so ricockulous when he jumped from his roof to the pool.
by ushray January 01, 2009
A word used much like ri"dic"ulous. Pronounced Re-cock-u-lus, this word can be used in situation when the simple "ridiculous" will not suffice
Friend:Can you believe the freaking St. Louis Cardinals!? They played awful!

You: I know, it's freaking ricockulous!

Friend: What?
by bruhaha12 August 20, 2008
something so ridiculous in nature, that it is ultimately brokeback and deemed gay because it is out of this world
I've never heard such a ricockulous idea in my entire life.
by Mr. Canadia February 20, 2007
A version of the common word ridiculous but pertaining to the male Genitalia..Whether it be big or small.... =]
Guy show girl penis.
Girls screams " OMFG! that is RICOCKULOUSLY HUGE!

by Sukuyan September 25, 2007
One: To be so cock hungry, it's ridiculous (or ri-dick-ulous).
Two: To be extremely ridiculous and "suck dick."
One: Why do you want everyone's dick? It's ri-cock-ulous!
Two: These other definitions suck, it's ri-cock-ulous..
by someoneactuallyfunny September 08, 2009
When something is so ridiculous (ridickolous), it becomes ricockulous. Beyond unbelieveable.
The things out of Candy the Crackwhore's mouth were ricockulous.
by Escogil December 09, 2006
foolish or pointless acts that are worthy of laughter
I am tired of using the word "ridiculous" so I created the word "ricockulous".
by Michele - the myspace junkie April 19, 2006
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