At least twice as bad as ridiculous.
Some of the stuff Britney Spears does is ridiculous but Amy Winehouse is absolutely ricockulous.
by Gimpygod October 09, 2009
when something is so ridiculous that you feel the need to replace 'dic' with a more powerful synonym.
Emre: Hey i just had sex with three gorillas!

Adam: Get out!!! That's ricockulous!
by Adam Touche November 03, 2008
causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable

slightly more ludicrous than ridiculous
That speech the Governor gave was ricockulous.
by MassageKneads101 August 12, 2008
beyond ridiculous it's ricockulous
that girl has the fakest tits its ricockulous etc..
by tragikthekid April 01, 2008
absurd, silly, ridiculous
That site is so ricockulous, I can't stand it.
by Light Joker December 22, 2006
Replacing the "dic" (pronounced "dick") in "ridiculous" with the word "cock"
"It is ricockulous how easy it is to get Rick Rol'd on YouTube"
by N4lyfe April 08, 2010
Another way to say ridiculous, replacing the "dick" with "cock".
His cock was so small it was ricockulous!
by bigchuck January 24, 2010

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