something (an idea, person, object, etc) that is beyond ridiculous
The amount of reading my professors have assigned this quarter is ricockulous!
by Tisha January 10, 2002
An exaggerated version of ridiculous. Insanely ridiculous.
Mike missed the party because his mother was visiting. What a ricockulous excuse.
by Erika H.L. March 09, 2008
crazy, insane, could never happen. like ridiculous, but more epic.
"did you just see that?!"

"that was totally ricockulous!"
by grace buttlicker December 19, 2011
Or if one is acting ridiculous, and you just feel like saying cock instead of dick.
You are being ricockulous!
by shlagathor21 March 29, 2011
A word that takes the place of ridiculous, but funnier and more Gay.
ZOMG...i just got no scoped right before i defused the BOMB~!!! Search and destroy is Ricockulous
by I PH34R N0 1 May 11, 2010
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