Rich boy or delicous
"Wow the girl looks rico"
"Fool thats a dude hes just a rico"
by luvbug101 July 21, 2009
Chilean slang. It has lot's of meanings, depending on context.

Meanings: tasty, yummy, lovely, fine as hell (very handsome), cool, cute, rich, plenty of (adj.)
1. These tomatoes are tasty. Que ricos son estos tomates.

2. The chocolate cake is yummy!. La torta de chocolate esta rica!
3. What a lovely child! Que niño más rico.
4. That guy is fine as hell. Ese chico esta bien rico.
5. Scuba diving is cool. Bucear es rico.
6. He is cute. El es rico.
7. Bill Gates is rich. Bill Gates es rico.
8. Steve Jobs had plenty of ideas. Steve Jobs era rico en ideas.
by FDR5 May 06, 2013
It is a description of something or someone who has the ability to have a dual character at any one point of time. He has the skill to be serious but add a pinch of humour into his actions and words. Often known to be socially active and is charming in nature, getting all damn girls is a breeze.
Rico has an outer shell and inner shell. Although he may appear tough and hard to talk to on the outside due to his muscles, he is actually caring and easy going when you have the opportunity to talk to him.

This can be refered to as a RICOLA situation
Roxy: HEY! Look at that guy! He seems rather cold..
Troy: Actually, he is RICOLA!
by MS VALAYTHIS March 03, 2015
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a federal law that provides civil penalties for acts performed as part of a criminal organization. This act is often accused of targeting black males specifically. The most common mention of this term is in the popular Meek Mill song, R.I.C.O.
We better do nothing illegal, or we might just get hit with that R.I.C.O.
by Fuckboy Exclusive August 01, 2015
a mexican or spanish man's name.
Is rico coming with us to the mall?
by wonderwomen1234567890 March 16, 2009
"Ricos" is an abbreviation of "Enricos" which is a naive translation of "Eric" into Spanish.
"Hey Ricos..Vamos a la playa! Wadya say?"
by Tovvrick Molombus January 06, 2008
Without the Sauve it means:
A Hispanic who is rich and Wears Flashy logo clothes,
Also a nickname.
That Kid is Rico Aka name:________. Rico Sauve.
by Jax Williams May 08, 2006

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