Recently used as a weapon against Scientology to annoy them just like other people that got Rick Rolled
Scientology got Rick Rolled
by Jazzakid April 01, 2008
Rock Roll, Rick ROlled, or Rick Rolled

The process or act of posting a link or attatchment to a Rick Astley video such as "Never gonna give you up" Then by you clicking on it, you have just been Rick Rolled

Usually disguised as something else such as "Check out my new car"

Accredited to a popular car forum, often discussed as not funny and completly absurd it still has the comedic value to change any subject or lighten up the harshest of moods.
"Hey guys check out my video of my car"

Video >


"Crap, Rick Rolled again :("
by Steve Nawrocki (Bsaint) May 24, 2007
Being sent to the gay song "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley thru a link advertising something else interesting like Halo 3 gameplay.
I thought it was a Halo 3 gameplay demonstration video but i got Rick rolled
by emimol May 27, 2007
When someone sends you a link of a suspected you tube movie that seems to be interesting, but when in fact it is a music video of a guy named rick roll dancing to a catchy tune.
Hey heres some new halo 3 footage (copy rick roll link here)
2 min later..

(he was just rick rolled)
by Trentadoogla May 23, 2007
It is a common term used in some Midwestern cities for when someone new to drinking alcohol embarrasses themself in some form or another.

Wow, I cannot believe he bit the lime before taking the tequila shot. He so got Rick Rolled.
by JonnyFanny August 13, 2007

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