a rapper who is from miami, he was signed by the famous jay z.
every day im hustlin, that is rick ross
#ricky ross #rick ross #pimp #hustler #stunna
by gooooogle bob July 09, 2006
to hustle, or make moves
Dude 1: Man, I am so behind in rent this month it ain't even funny. I need to grind to get this rent.

Dude 2: Word? Well dawg you better Rick Ross or you're gonna be hurtin'.
#hustle #grind #make moves #get a move on #get crackin #get crackin' #git crackin #get cracking #get going
by Alli P September 22, 2007
The BOSS, AKA Teflon Don, AKA Deeper than Rap, AKA Trilla. Rick Ross may have been a correctional officer at one point in his life, but as people fail to realize, he was acting as the inside man for deals in and out of the prison. Rick has stated time and time again that every word he has ever said about being a cartel member and pushing dope is true, and he has also stated that he was only a correctional officer to help his boys on the inside. Known for his catchphrase "Boss", his money, and his Maybachs, Rick Ross is killin it as an MC and running Miami at the same time.
"I was barely getting pretty women, now I scoop Emmy winners like kitty litter"-Rick Ross

"I'm the biggest boss that you've seen thus far"- Rick Ross
#rick #ross #teflon don #coke #triple c's #maybach #rozay
by lil c note February 17, 2011
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