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A Lexus. A Toyota Camry with Leather Seats, 2 Tone Paint and Gold trim like a Mercedes Benz.
I am going to get me a Rich Man Toyota, a Lexus, and pretend that I have a Mercedes Benz.
by Chuck Strapp September 17, 2007
A Lexus. A Toyota Camry with leather seats and comfort creatures. An overpriced Econo Box. A brand that makes you feel that you have some expensive and exclusive. A Japanese-Mercedes Benz-Wannabe. A disguised Toyota Camry for Rich Folks. A Hyped Up Rav 4, Land Cruised with Leather Seats.
I need to buy an Econo Box for grocery shopping for the maid, I might get her a Rich Man Toyota (Lexus). My friends at the Country Club will laugh at me if they see me going to the Toyota Dealer to buy a car, how embarrassing will be!
by Jack Strapp September 17, 2007
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