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The type of frustration and anger solely found amongst the relatively priveledged. This rage generally has no outside culprit, but rather results from the fact that all people are angry, regardless of if they have an apparent reason to be. To others, it may appear that the rich kid is a whiny, spoiled little fuck, which, while somewhat true, overlooks the fact that rage is an inescapable emotion only loosely related to environment.
I think my parents are horribly uncaring and clearly do not understand me at all as if they did, they would have bought me a Volvo instead of a tacky Mustang. Even more uncaring is my friend who purposely calls when I'm in the shower so that he may avoid having to actually talk to me. Making my life even worse is the fact that I only have 12 Lacoste shirts and that my white North Face jacket turned pink in the wash. In other words, I have some serious rich kid rage!
by lacoste_lover December 29, 2005
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